Corbett Centre hosts maritime security conference at King’s College in London

From 8 to 11 September 2020, the Corbett Centre will host a large maritime security-themed conference at King’s College in London. It will focus upon the links between maritime power and international relations in the past, present and future. Proposals for presentations can be submitted until 1 June.

The purpose of the Corbett Centre is to develop and promote the understanding and analysis of maritime policy and strategy through the interaction of policy-makers, practitioners, academics, industry and commerce. The 2020 Corbett Centre Conference covers an important subject for academic and policy debates around the world. It is aimed at bringing together an international array of scholars, practitioners and policymakers whose focus is the link between maritime power and national security strategy formulations.

Questions related to political, economic, military, commercial, technological, intelligence, force structures, defence economics, cultural and security dimensions will be addressed, all of which are underpinned by the use of the sea. Panels which focus on regional conditions with regard to maritime security and strategy are also welcome.

The world economy, political integration and shared security concerns are continually being linked to issues within the maritime environment, or global commons. Therefore, there is a pressing need to establish a regularly occurring interaction of researchers who can bring significant methodologies to the analysis of the state of maritime power, maritime strategy, and maritime security in a holistic and multi-disciplinary fashion.

The conference will produce an edited volume for the Corbett Centre Series on Maritime Policy Studies from a selection of papers, as well as encourage publication in journals closely linked to the centre, such as the Naval Review and Global War Studies. The conference will be held in London at King’s College facilities.

The detailed call for papers can be found on this website. All details regarding the registration for the conference can also be found there.