Maritime webinars – easily accessible overview for interesting insights

During the Covid-19 pandemic, maritime webinars have been increasingly popular. Many conferences and seminars have been cancelled in recent weeks. Even though restrictions are being eased in most countries at the moment, it is hard to imagine that the world will simply go back to normal.

In the meantime, webinars have become increasingly popular. These formats offer various types of organisations the chance to provide insights about their own knowledge and research. For participants, it is very easy to take part in many sessions that would otherwise not be accessible. Being part of a virtual discussion is much less time-consuming and a lot cheaper than travelling in person to a conference.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to be online all the time. Without being part of the discussion, webinars still offer the advantage of a recording. For participants who may have missed the actual session, this is a perfect opportunity to catch up on some background knowledge.

For maritime webinars in particular, Glen Wright and Klaudija Cremers from the IDDRI think tank had the idea to create an easily accessible overview that includes links to the recorded sessions. The list can be filtered by organisers, topics and languages and can be found here.