Lawless Oceans – six-part series makes for thrilling TV

National Geographic’s new series “Lawless Oceans” follows special investigator Karsten von Hoesslin on his worldwide trail to solve killings infamously caught on camera and uploaded to Youtube. This is from the official press release prior to the show:

The world’s waters have become a Wild West, where criminals can operate with impunity largely beyond the reach of law enforcement. In 2014, cell-phone footage was posted on YouTube from a mysterious address in Fiji, showing an unthinkable crime – four gruesome murders at sea. The crime footage went viral and made international headlines for its disturbingly callous brutality. Four men are filmed clinging to floating wreckage in the middle of the sea. Shots ring out. And the men are killed one by one. Perhaps just as chilling as the bloodshed are the onlookers who are heard laughing and shown smiling directly into the camera lens.

Karsten has a lot of experience in investigative work and the new series shows him getting to work all around the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. A short trailer can be found on the National Geographic website here.



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