Risk Intelligence publishes Strategic Insights maritime security 2017 forecast issue

Many of the areas reviewed in this concluding issue of Risk Intelligence’s Strategic Insights series will be familiar to maritime operators and long-time readers of Strategic Insights: Somalia and Nigeria, for example. But there are also new areas of concern emerging, as well as the return of power politics.

One of the themes of this issue, which looks ahead to the challenges in 2017 and beyond, is that developments on land can ‘trickle down’ to the maritime domain. But this is not always the case, and each environment needs to be analysed on a case-by-case basis to completely understand the threat, and if it will affect maritime operations.

Overall, threats may be changing, with new locations emerging and new dynamics affecting operations. There are a number of trends at the macro and micro levels that will have implications in 2017 and beyond. But risks can still be mitigated and the starting point is information – assessments of threats and accompanying analysis. Risk Intelligence continues to provide global overviews on incidents and threats through its upgraded MaRisk 2.0 portal. As well, the PortRisk platform now provides full assessments of the threat environment for 170 ports around the world, and is continuing to add more.

Strategic Insights download

The free download of the latest Strategic Insights issue is available here. More information about Risk Intelligence and the services offered are available on the company website.

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