Webinar presentation: Gulf of Guinea in 2020 – annual review and regional outlook

During a recent webinar for Risk Intelligence, I provided a brief update on the annual statistics for 2020 related to piracy and armed robbery at sea in the Gulf of Guinea. After many alarming headlines about the situation had been published in recent months, this webinar provided some context for ongoing discussions about additional naval operations in the region.

Increasing numbers of hostages or even a decline in high-profile attacks? Both of these trends have been highlighted in annual statistics for the Gulf of Guinea, published by different organizations. In this webinar, I have therefore looked closely at incident figures for 2020 and put them in a broader perspective. Such an outlook is important both for shipping companies trying to assess the threat for their day-to-day operations as well as for navies and maritime law enforcement agencies which are involved in countering illicit activities at sea.

More details are included in the complete presentation, and you can also contact me for any further questions or comments.