Input and comments wanted for book project

It has taken a while to think about writing a book about maritime security issues in East and West Africa. While I have done a lot of related research for my PhD thesis, the topic is constantly developing. Writing a book with full academic referencing therefore requires some effort on top of day-to-day work which is much less concerned with political developments or long-term issues caused by IUU fishing.

Having found a publisher that is very supportive of the project, it made sense to get started with the writing process. One of the first things I have noticed, however, is that many people would know much more about specific issues than I do. Therefore, I would be more than happy to get some inputs and comments for my book project. Related and relevant publications will certainly be referenced, especially those papers, articles or conference presentations that I have not come across so far or that are still pending publication.

Any issues related to maritime security in sub-Saharan Africa are of interest. Most importantly, that includes work related to IUU fishing, maritime smuggling routes (especially smuggling of legal cargoes), security concerns in the offshore industry, but also some other topics. Feel free to have a look at my research page and just get in touch via the contact form here on this website or on Twitter.