New book is now available at Palgrave Macmillan

There were times when I thought that this would never be finished. It was therefore quite a relieve to have my new book finally at home, thanks to the good people at Palgrave Macmillan. You can order both e-book and hardcover on their website here.

The short summary should give you a good overview:

This book examines the nexus between maritime security and the ‘blue economy’ in sub-Saharan Africa. In recent years, maritime security issues have received increasing attention, but academic and policy-related discussions are largely limited to counter-piracy operations and, to a smaller extent, problems related to illegal fishing. This project offers an essential addition to the current academic and political discourse, combining a broad range of statistics with primary research and findings from more than 40 interviews with key stakeholders. It provides a unique analysis, recognizing that maritime security is not an end in itself but rather linked to economic and immaterial benefits of a more secure environment at sea.

There are also two endorsements from two people who both know a lot about maritime security in East and West Africa. The first one is from Kamal-Deen Ali, Captain Ghana Navy (Rtd.) and Executive Director CEMLAWS Africa in Ghana’s capital Accra.

In this century more than ever, the maritime governance discourse requires useful tools that point states and other actors in the best possible direction. This is what Dirk has done. He has not discussed maritime security in abstract: this book perfectly examines the critical linkages between good ocean governance, investment and durable maritime security outcomes.

The second one is from Robert McCabe, Assistant Professor at Coventry University in the United Kingdom.

The author skillfully presents a detailed, balanced and coherent account of contemporary maritime security, regional cooperation and the blue economy in two distinct regions of Africa with wider relevance for policy makers and practitioners alike.

I will also be travelling a fair bit in the coming months and give some presentations on the topic. For any questions about guest lectures or other invitations, you can just send me a note through the contact form.