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Dirk Siebels

Security & Analysis

Emerging Tech

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About me

Hello! I’m Dirk Siebels.
Currently working as a senior analyst at Risk Intelligence, covering maritime security issues around the globe. I am also interested in the intersection of emerging tech and security and provide strategic advice to organisations working in this niche.

  • Residence: Denmark
  • Availability: Project-based
My specialties

All types of security issues affecting commercial shipping – and seafarers – around the world.


Emerging technology from blockchains to AI and the broader impact on everyday life.


How can organisations improve and develop by integrating new technology and methods.


Explaining complicated things in simple words to highlight why they may be useful every day.

Fun facts

10+ countries in fridge magnet collection
Rarely more than one coffee per day
Slowly learning to speak very bad Spanish
Club legend in 4 Football Manager versions
Media appearances

Blocks with Benefits

I've always been interested in emerging technology. And I believe that blockchains are not only interesting. They also have huge potential, particularly considering the problems caused by increasing centralization on the internet.


That's why I'm contributing to a newsletter called "Blocks with Benefits". The aim is to explain blockchains tech in simple terms. Don't worry if you don't have any IT or finance background – we'll make it easy to understand. (We're also looking at actual case studies so it's not all about theory.)


Just enter your email to subscribe for free here or via the form below!


(And just in case you're looking at options to start your own newsletter, I can only recommend Beehiiv.)

My professional background

My interest in maritime security started when I joined the German Navy where I spent six years as an officer. While I left the navy many years ago, I am still an officer in the naval reserves.


Subsequently, I worked in media and communications. Most of the time, I was advising clients in different industries on crisis communication and media strategies.


Through my PhD research, I got in touch with Risk Intelligence, a Denmark-based security intelligence company. I am currently working as a senior analyst, coordinating cutting-edge analysis with requirements of clients from different sectors. At the same time, I am fortunate enough to be able to continue working on interesting freelance projects on the side.


My academic CV includes degrees in Germany and the United Kingdom. I am holding a BA in Politics and Organisation from Fernuniversität Hagen in Germany (a distance-learning institution) and an MA in International Studies from Durham University in the UK. I have also completed my PhD at the University of Greenwich in London.

Media appearances

If you are a journalist looking for background on maritime security issues for an article, a feature film or a similar piece then please feel free to get in touch. I may not always be in a position to provide you with detailed information but I can at least give you some ideas and, more importantly, contacts.
Furthermore, I am regularly contributing articles and op-eds on maritime security issues around the world. These have been published by general news outlets as well as in special interest magazines, including:
  • Reuters
  • BBC
  • Agence France-Presse
  • France 24
  • The Conversation
  • Newsweek
  • Voice of America
  • Wall Street Journal
  • Lloyd’s List
  • Ship & Offshore
  • Tradewinds
Please contact me with any further enquiries or interview requests.

Get in touch

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